Lori Powell
Lori Powell

If you are a broker or team lead, what should you consider regarding the potential of partnering with us at eXp? Here are some conversations with brokers and teams that have placed their business on the eXp model platform, and their thought processes. Hopefully this can help you in your decision-making process. 

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(Filmed in 2018)

If you yourself stopped generating production, would your office remain profitable? If you were no longer able to work for whatever reason - emergencies, health, storms, family, etc. - would you have the financial income needed? What would happen to and with your agents? Would they still stay? If the market crashes in your particular area, and the deals in your office reduce in either volume and/or quantity, how would that affect your financial situation? Have you considered the balance of risks by diversifying into other parts of the country/world, and also by diversifying into multiple streams of income? Do your agents end up cycling out of your team over time due to a desire to further their own growth? Do you continue to benefit financially from them when the agents leave your office, like you would here? Are you able to offer them over 50 weekly hours of live training and thousands of hours of on demand training? Are you able to offer them ownership, and also share your revenues with them? Enough for them to build a retirement on? Are your agents growing their production and businesses? Do they have the potential of netting over 100% with you? Have you ever desired to expand your business to other areas? Have you worried or had concerns about liability issues? Out of your week, how many hours are spent supporting your agents? And if you had those hours to yourself, what would you do with those hours? What is your exit strategy at some point?  

If you would like to discuss all the options and have us answer whatever questions you may have, please set up a time with us by clicking the button below. We also would be happy to allow you the opportunity to compare your current financial situation to the "what if" scenario if your business was placed on the eXp platform. 
 (This would be done confidentially with a designated business team/broker analyst in the company.)  

  • $70M+ in production 
  • ​Top 2% real estate commissions earnings in the US
  • Top 1% internationally in agent organization building and growth in our company and LOVES helping agents
  • #1 Individual agent multiple years, who worked without any staff within MLS area
  • Have had over 70 transactions for personal purchases and sales so understands client needs first hand
  • Multiple years doubling production, even during a down market
  • Have been a high performance coach, resulting in agents (who graduated the program) going from 0, 1 or 2 closings in the prior year to agents averaging 3-4 closings per month after about 8 months' time
  • Have had a fix-n-flip business, usually having 3-6 properties going at one time, with an average hold time (from date of purchase to date of resale, including fix-up time, and back on market and under contract time) of 95 days, with an annualized rate of return of 43% even after cost of money
  • Certified Mentor helping new agents get started